Bride getting makeup done on her wedding day

Our work is about so much more than makeup. It is about the beauty of who you are.

What makes us different?

The vision we create with our brides…

What is most important to us is your vision, not ours. Our artists will work with you to find the right feel for your wedding day.  If you are a radical snowboarder who seldom wears makeup, then we’ll do a natural, radiant look.  Conversely, if you love to dress up and your venue is elegant, then perhaps you’re aiming for something more sophisticated and glamorous.  Whatever your style, we guarantee your makeup will reflect your personality and lifestyle.  We want your groom to look at you and say, “that’s the most beautiful woman in the world.”    Not…”who is that?”

 The experience we provide…

Our dedicated artists work hard to make your day exceptional by creating a beautiful experience from start to finish. We use brands like CHANEL and Trish McEvoy.  We arrive early and offer to stay late.  The makeup techniques we use ensure that your makeup is always waterproof and sweatproof, yet breathable and natural looking in person. We provide tips on how to prep your skin for your big day, along with suggested items for you to use for touch-ups throughout the ceremony and into the night.  We also specialize in large bridal parties, which means you and your friends can all enjoy being pampered on the day of your wedding without having to make separate trips into a salon.

The relationships we build…

A typical salon or artist will spend time applying your makeup and making you pretty.  But, do they spend time getting to know you? The makeup artists at Suzanne LaValley Makeup Artistry do.  We want to know all about you… what you do for fun, how you and your fiancé met, what your friends and family are like.  We love meeting your groom, your mom, your siblings, and your friends.  We ask questions like, “What does he find most beautiful about you?” “How did he propose?”  “What do the two of you do for fun? ”  Learning about your life is part of the fun. Let’s just say, it’s no coincidence that many of our brides end up becoming our lifelong friends.

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