Schweitzer Wedding Style Shoot









Spearheaded by myself and Chloe Jenkins of Blooming Event Design, our wedding style shoot this last April at Schweitzer Mountain Resort was a huge success.  What initally started out as a way to get featured in Apple Brides Magazine turned into an elaborate photoshoot involving 12 different North Idaho wedding vendors.  With a passionate team of artists and a good sense of humor, we managed to pull off a mountain top wedding that was magazine worthy.

Vendors involved:

Suzanne LaValley Makeup Artistry

Blooming Event Design

Amy Henderson Photography

Schweitzer Mountain Resort

Petal Talk Florist

Cindy Wade

Sunshine Goldmine

Pastry & More

Lucky 7 Prop Co.

Zero Point

Event Rents

Susen D. Fay (Calligraphy)

Larson’s Good Clothes

Models: Ryleigh Groat and Wyatt McCormick from Sandpoint, Idaho.




Bridal Trends and Tidbits

Since I meet with many different brides for consultations I have the opportunity to learn about new trends in weddings, including websites for anything from bridal gowns to wedding gift registries.

Yesterday I had the great good fortune to meet a lovely Sandpoint bride and we chatted for hours about her upcoming wedding.  She informed me of a very cool wedding dress website, called  Apparently, it’s an Anthropologie sister company.  I checked it out and the dresses are very North Idaho appropriate.  Super chic yet laid-back, stylishBoho-chic style wedding dress from bhldn website but not over the top.  They have modern pieces as well as bohemian-inspired bridal looks.  They even have a section for beachy wedding dresses.  If you are planning a wedding here in the North Idaho area and want a uniquely beautiful (but unfussy) dress check this site out:


As well, she told me about a website for gift registry that allows your guests to fund your honeymoon.  Guests can “gift” everything from airfare to entertainment to massages for the honeymoon.  How cool is that?  She and her fiance have not decided where or when they are going on their honeymoon.  That being said, she is hoping her guests will donate to the honeymoon they eventually want to have!  Here’s the link to the website:

Perhaps this is all old news and I am just catching up.  Regardless, it’s fun to share my new discoveries.

Looking forward to being a part of this gorgeous bride’s wedding in June. A few of her local vendors include Marsha Lutz PhotographyThe Heartwood CenterPetal Talk Florist, and 7B Cakes.

Suzanne’s Top 5 Makeup Trends for 2017


  • Monochromatic Makeup

I am so happy this is back!  Monochromatic makeup has to be my favorite look of all times.      Monochromatic means using the same shade, or similar shades on lids, lips, and cheeks.  And it is very pleasing to the eye if you stay within a shade or two of the color —either lighter or darker—and with the same undertone.  My favorite color choice for this type of a look is pink.  Use your blush for your eye shadow, or even your lipstick for your blush.  So quick and easy.

  • Glossy Lips

Pull out your lip glosses, girls.  Liquid matte lipsticks are out.  Glossy, fresh lips are in.  I never really got into the matte lipstick craze, so I’m happy we’re back to shine on the lips. Lip gloss screams youth.  And, if you’re looking to update your headshot or it’s your Senior Portrait year, it’s beautiful on camera.

  • Winged Eye Shadow

If you never perfected the winged eyeliner, you’re in luck.  This year it’s about winged eye shadow.  Much easier for the makeup novice, this can be as simple as a soft pencil eye liner with shadow smudged out towards the brow bone.  Place a darker eyeshadow over the pencil and blend inward along the line of your pencil.  Easy-peasy.

  • Fresh, radiant skin

Bye-bye baked, contoured, and heavily highlighted skin.  Let your skin breathe.  We’re back to a glowing, natural look.  Skincare is key.  And, if you perfect the skin, you don’t have to put gobs of makeup on to cover it up.  Pair your natural look with a bold lip and some dewy, fresh blush and you’re set.

  • Pink, the new neutral

Whether it’s makeup or roses or flamingos, pink makes me happy.  The beauty of this “neutral” is that you can use it anywhere on the face. Drape it sheer and high on the cheeks, blend it softly on the eyelids, or use it as a healthy glow on the lips.  Just  be sure to offset it with a black or white eyeliner if you use it around the eyes.  You don’t want to look like you have allergies or are coming off of a sleepless night.

So there you have it.  These are just a few of the many trends that are making their way into 2017.  Runway typically sets the trend and then makeup brands follow, creating new collections that reflect these styles.  What are YOUR favorite new makeup trends for 2017?




Winterize Your Skin: CHANEL-style

Pretty model blowing snow

Since I’m heading to Nordstrom Spokane later this week to work at the CHANEL counter for their WINTERIZE YOUR SKIN EVENT, I thought I should blog about some of the skincare products I will be recommending.  The advise is universal, the products are all CHANEL. Here are my best skincare tips for the season.

Winter skincare must-haves:

  • A hydrating cleanser, preferably not foaming.  A good lotion, cream, or oil cleanser is best. (Foaming cleansers are better left for summer since humidity is usually higher at that time of year.) A few “wintertime” cleansers that I like: CHANEL’s Lait Confort Milky Cleanser or  Sublimage Essential Comfort Cleanser.

  • A hydrating toner.  The right toner can help to balance the pH of your skin as well as boost hydration levels. Be sure to use a toner designed for your skin type and apply your face cream immediately following it so that the moisture is sealed into the skin.  My favorite toner…CHANEL Lotion Confort Toner. (What NOT to use: toner with alcohol in it.  This will dry out your skin, not hydrate it!)

  • A great night cream. Rich, emollient creams are fabulous in the winter.  I sometimes wish my skin was this dry all year long because I love the feel of a really rich cream.  To try: CHANEL Le Lift Creme Riche.

  • EXFOLIATOR!!  Dry skin in the winter is frustrating but it doesn’t have to be. Exfoliating on a regular basis helps to slough off the dead skin cells so that your moisturizer penetrates more effectively.  I prefer a chemical exfoliator to a physical one, like CHANEL’s Le Weekend Serum with glycolic acid in it.

  • A Moisturizing Mask.  Sometimes we need a little extra boost, beyond what our everyday skincare regime can offer.  A hydrating mask not only pushes extra vitamins and essential oils into the skin, but it also forces us to sit quietly for 10 minutes. Who doesn’t need that this time of year?  To try: CHANEL Hydra Beauty Hydration Protection Radiance Mask.

  • An Eye Mask: If you think about it, the skin around our eyes seems to always be dry.  It just gets even worse in the winter, right!?  Sometimes eye creams are not enough.  Consider adding a mask to your eye care routine.  CHANEL makes an excellent eye mask that is appropriate for all seasons but is especially nice in drier months:  CHANEL Le Lift Firming Anti-Wrinkle Flash Eye Revitalizer.

  • SPF 30 or higher.  Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you get to skip the sunscreen. Outdoor activities can wreak havoc on your skin if you don’t protect it correctly.  Skiing, snowshoeing, hiking…all of these activities require sunscreen!  Even if you don’t plan to go outside for the day, put it on.  There is no better way to take care of your skin than using a daily sunscreen!  My all-time favorite sunscreen: CHANEL’s UV Essentials SPF 50.


So there you have it, my favorite CHANEL winter skincare items.  Please feel free to comment and share any additional items you think I might have missed!

North Idaho Wedding Venues


North Idaho Wedding Venues

One of the first decisions that you have to make once you’ve decided to get married is: where will my wedding will be held? It’s a big choice. Is your wedding going to be indoors? Outdoors? How many people are you going to have? What type of theme do you want? All of these things go into choosing the perfect venue.

Here are a few of the venues I have done weddings at…and some that I hope to soon!

Of course, wedding venues all vary in price. Check with several before making any decisions. Go visit them if you can. Learn about the owners. Talk with them. If they are friendly and accommodating, then there’s a good chance your wedding experience will be great.

Suzanne’s Top 5 – Reasons to include your Bridesmaids

Bride with bridesmaids behind her before wedding ceremony

Round Lens Photography

Too many brides book themselves for makeup and forget about their bridesmaids.  Or, their bridesmaids simply “can’t afford” to have their makeup done.  Here is why it’s important to encourage your bridesmaids to make the investment or work it into the wedding budget:

  1. Photos are important and expensive and you want your photos to turn out stellar.  I have seen way too many wedding pictures that are inconsistent; the bride looks gorgeous, a few of the bridesmaids look good, one looks like a drag queen, and the other looks like she didn’t wear a stitch of makeup for the event. Worse, you look beautiful and your bridesmaids are all shiny!  A true professional makeup artist will know how to make EVERYONE look gorgeous and create a more uniform look for the keepsake you will have forever, your photos.
  2. Your day should be a bonding experience. Your wedding day is about spending time with those you love, your bridesmaids, your mom, even the mother-of-the groom. Getting ready together and enjoying the luxury of having your makeup done just adds to the day!
  3. Why not make it an all-inclusive party? So many times, the bride is getting all dolled up and pampered only to look at her bridal party and see that they are not having fun (or are stressed out because they can’t get their makeup quite right). You want your bridal party to be able reflect back on your day and remember all the fun and laughter that happened “behind the scenes”.
  4. Everyone should be ready on time.  If you book with a professional and hire her out to do everyone’s makeup, she will stick to a timeline and have all of the bridal party ready on schedule.  Pre-wedding photos are the norm, so your bridesmaids need to be ready!
  5. Your bridesmaids will learn future tips and tricks on how to play up their best features.  Think about it, it’s like getting a free tutorial.  Makeup artists are trained to see faces as canvases and then bring out the unique beauty of each individual. You’re asking these women to stand by your side, in front of potentially hundreds of your friends and family, and giving the opportunity to get their makeup done is a priceless gift.

The consistency of your makeup can have a huge influence on the overall feel for of your wedding. Your makeup artist can help enhance your theme while creating a once in a lifetime opportunity for you and your closest girlfriends to be pampered on your big day!