Suzanne LaValley


Q & A with owner and artist, Suzanne LaValley

Where do you think your love of makeup comes from?

I love art. I was a dancer for years. Performance was my art. I ended up hurting my back and was forced to quit; makeup became my outlet. I suppose it was always in me.  I have been doing makeup since I was a kid. At 5 years old I was already honing my artistry skills on my two unsuspecting little brothers!

Makeup is more than just slapping makeup on someone. For me, it’s about finding someone’s true essence, their inner beauty, and bringing that out.  I love accentuating the most unique and stunning features of my clients. So many artists make the mistake of doing makeup according to their own vision. I always collaborate with my clients, whether that client is a photographer or a bride, working together to get it right.

What has your favorite job been as a makeup artist and why?

It has to be when I was a CHANEL counter manager because the product was so exquisite. It was such a beautiful brand and my staff was amazing. I worked with some of the most creative and inspiring artists.  We did all kinds of looks – classic and timeless, dramatic, and even runway makeup. The full gamut. I fell in love with all of my clients. They are still good friends to this day.

What do you do for fun?

I love yoga, skiing, hiking, Zumba, traveling, and whitewater rafting! Basically anything active or adventurous. My favorite place in the world (so far) is The French Riviera, because of the clear water, the beauty of the landscape, and the culture. I am very close with my family. I spend time with my guy – the love of my life, Raphael – whenever I can.

What is your biggest goal with your artistry?

Inspiring people to think beyond the idea that makeup is superficial and not for them. Makeup can be empowering, even transformative.

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