Suzanne’s Top 5 Makeup Trends for 2017


  • Monochromatic Makeup

I am so happy this is back!  Monochromatic makeup has to be my favorite look of all times.      Monochromatic means using the same shade, or similar shades on lids, lips, and cheeks.  And it is very pleasing to the eye if you stay within a shade or two of the color —either lighter or darker—and with the same undertone.  My favorite color choice for this type of a look is pink.  Use your blush for your eye shadow, or even your lipstick for your blush.  So quick and easy.

  • Glossy Lips

Pull out your lip glosses, girls.  Liquid matte lipsticks are out.  Glossy, fresh lips are in.  I never really got into the matte lipstick craze, so I’m happy we’re back to shine on the lips. Lip gloss screams youth.  And, if you’re looking to update your headshot or it’s your Senior Portrait year, it’s beautiful on camera.

  • Winged Eye Shadow

If you never perfected the winged eyeliner, you’re in luck.  This year it’s about winged eye shadow.  Much easier for the makeup novice, this can be as simple as a soft pencil eye liner with shadow smudged out towards the brow bone.  Place a darker eyeshadow over the pencil and blend inward along the line of your pencil.  Easy-peasy.

  • Fresh, radiant skin

Bye-bye baked, contoured, and heavily highlighted skin.  Let your skin breathe.  We’re back to a glowing, natural look.  Skincare is key.  And, if you perfect the skin, you don’t have to put gobs of makeup on to cover it up.  Pair your natural look with a bold lip and some dewy, fresh blush and you’re set.

  • Pink, the new neutral

Whether it’s makeup or roses or flamingos, pink makes me happy.  The beauty of this “neutral” is that you can use it anywhere on the face. Drape it sheer and high on the cheeks, blend it softly on the eyelids, or use it as a healthy glow on the lips.  Just  be sure to offset it with a black or white eyeliner if you use it around the eyes.  You don’t want to look like you have allergies or are coming off of a sleepless night.

So there you have it.  These are just a few of the many trends that are making their way into 2017.  Runway typically sets the trend and then makeup brands follow, creating new collections that reflect these styles.  What are YOUR favorite new makeup trends for 2017?




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