Suzanne’s Top 5 – Reasons to include your Bridesmaids

Bride with bridesmaids behind her before wedding ceremony

Round Lens Photography

Too many brides book themselves for makeup and forget about their bridesmaids.  Or, their bridesmaids simply “can’t afford” to have their makeup done.  Here is why it’s important to encourage your bridesmaids to make the investment or work it into the wedding budget:

  1. Photos are important and expensive and you want your photos to turn out stellar.  I have seen way too many wedding pictures that are inconsistent; the bride looks gorgeous, a few of the bridesmaids look good, one looks like a drag queen, and the other looks like she didn’t wear a stitch of makeup for the event. Worse, you look beautiful and your bridesmaids are all shiny!  A true professional makeup artist will know how to make EVERYONE look gorgeous and create a more uniform look for the keepsake you will have forever, your photos.
  2. Your day should be a bonding experience. Your wedding day is about spending time with those you love, your bridesmaids, your mom, even the mother-of-the groom. Getting ready together and enjoying the luxury of having your makeup done just adds to the day!
  3. Why not make it an all-inclusive party? So many times, the bride is getting all dolled up and pampered only to look at her bridal party and see that they are not having fun (or are stressed out because they can’t get their makeup quite right). You want your bridal party to be able reflect back on your day and remember all the fun and laughter that happened “behind the scenes”.
  4. Everyone should be ready on time.  If you book with a professional and hire her out to do everyone’s makeup, she will stick to a timeline and have all of the bridal party ready on schedule.  Pre-wedding photos are the norm, so your bridesmaids need to be ready!
  5. Your bridesmaids will learn future tips and tricks on how to play up their best features.  Think about it, it’s like getting a free tutorial.  Makeup artists are trained to see faces as canvases and then bring out the unique beauty of each individual. You’re asking these women to stand by your side, in front of potentially hundreds of your friends and family, and giving the opportunity to get their makeup done is a priceless gift.

The consistency of your makeup can have a huge influence on the overall feel for of your wedding. Your makeup artist can help enhance your theme while creating a once in a lifetime opportunity for you and your closest girlfriends to be pampered on your big day!

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